• Why has Northcote been chosen?

    The Northcote Development area is well-suited to intensification. It is very well located, close to the CBD and other key workplaces such as Takapuna and the Wairau Valley, and it has good (and improving) transport links.

    Northcote residents have told us they strongly believe Northcote deserves investment. They feel that the quality of some of the housing, buildings and public facilities does not match the quality of the natural amenity. The Northcote Development will help this much-loved neighbourhood grow into its potential.

    The Northcote Development is part of the Auckland Housing Programme, a large scale government initiative to deliver more quality homes more quickly. Northcote has a number of old Housing New Zealand (now Kāinga Ora) homes that are no longer up to standard. It makes sense to replace these homes and at the same time utilise the land they are on more efficiently by building modern, fit-for-purpose homes at a higher density.

  • Who is doing the work?

    Kāinga Ora - planning and managing
    Kāinga Ora's Urban Development Team is managing the building of the new homes and new or upgraded infrastructure and amenities. This team was formerly known as HLC, and are behind the successful Hobsonville Point development. They are the ‘masterplanners’ for the Northcote development and are also responsible for working with the community and gathering their input for Northcote.

    Kāinga Ora - state housing and tenants
    Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities (formerly Housing New Zealand) is looking after their existing clients and helping them relocate to a different Kāinga Ora home if their current home is within the Northcote development area. 

    Piritahi - groundworks
    Piritahi was formed to help Kāinga Ora do the groundworks part of the project. They are removing state houses from the development land, building roads and parks and replacing old infrastructure.

    Panuku - town centre and greenway
    Panuku Development Auckland looks after urban development projects. They are part of Auckland Council. They will oversee the reinvigoration of the town centre and are working with Kāinga Ora to implement the Awataha Greenway project.

  • Do existing Housing New Zealand tenants have to move?

    If you are a client of Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities (formerly Housing New Zealand) living in Northcote, you may need to move to different accommodation. Some clients will want to leave the area for a variety of reasons, such as being closer to family. Others will want to stay in the area, for example because they have children at school locally. Kāinga Ora's tenancy liaison team will meet with you to discuss your needs and work to find a home that meets them.

    To get in touch with the team, call 0800 801 601.

  • Who do I talk to about work happening in my street?

    During the construction period our contractors will keep you informed and look for every opportunity to be good neighbours. If you have a question or a problem to report, please get in touch.

    Piritahi prepares the land for the builders, so prior to any housing construction beginning get in touch with them if you have an issue or query regarding your street or property.

    0508 PIRITAHI.

    Various building companies will be contracted to build the new houses. Once construction has started if you have an issue relating to work going on nearby, contact the company on site. Look for their company names on work vehicles or fence banners.

    Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities
    Call Kāinga Ora if you are a tenant and have questions about relocation to different accommodation.

    0800 801 601.

    Kāinga Ora - Urban Development
    Kāinga Ora's Urban Development Team is managing the Northcote Development, so if you have a query regarding planning or timelines, drop into the Northcote Information Centre in the town centre car park.


    09 261 5054

  • What’s Northcote like to live in now?
    Northcote is close to the city and has good public transport links. It’s also very handy to the northern beaches, especially Takapuna, and to excellent shopping at both Takapuna and Glenfield. It has its own 1960s-era town centre which is busy and popular and soon to be redeveloped. Northcote is ethnically diverse with European, Māori, Pasifika and Asian New Zealanders resident in significant numbers. The largest of these groups is European, at 66% of the population.
  • How will Northcote change?
    The Northcote Development will attract new people to the area. Parts of the suburb will become more dense, meaning more people will be living there than in the past. The development area will include apartments and terraced houses and feel more urban and lively. The schools’ rolls will grow and Onepoto Primary School will be completely rebuilt. Some of the parks will be linked by a new greenway, and this will also give locals a pleasant way to reach the redeveloped town centre on foot from their home.
  • What will the new homes be like?
    The new homes are a mix of state (Housing New Zealand), KiwiBuild and market housing. They will range in size from one to five bedrooms and include apartments, walk-ups, terraced homes and standalone homes.
  • Can I buy a KiwiBuild home here?
    Yes, if you are eligible under the KiwiBuild scheme. Have a look at their website to find out whether you qualify and then come and talk to Jennifer at the Northcote Development Information Centre to find out what’s on offer. Also check out the For sale section of this website.

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