Overall Vision

If you live in or near Northcote you may be aware that Auckland Council, Housing New Zealand and the community have been talking for several years about what would improve Northcote for the families that live there. We have a clear picture of what residents want and we're now ready to move ahead with the first stage of the Northcote Development which involves replacing old Housing New Zealand homes in the area.

You may also know that Northcote has been made a Special Housing Area (SHA), which means that it is a priority area for new homes and new and improved amenities. Auckland Council and the government are working hard to relieve the pressure on the city's housing. Stage 2 of the Northcote development will continue the work of renewing Housing New Zealand homes in the area, plus provide quality, affordable houses to the market, bringing new people to the area.


The planned development of Northcote will:

  • replace old Housing New Zealand (HNZ) homes with warm, modern homes.
  • increase the number of HNZ homes available to families who need them.
  • increase the number and quality of homes available at an affordable price.
  • increase the community's enjoyment of Northcote by upgrading amenities.
  • support the community as it grows, building on its existing character and strength.

HNZ has asked HLC to manage the development of the new housing and the new/upgraded neighbourhood amenities. HLC is fully owned by Housing New Zealand and is also responsible for developing Hobsonville Point in Auckland's northwest. Panuku Development Auckland will look after the reinvigoration of the town centre. Panuku is an Auckland Council organisation.