Who is running the project?

Like all good things, the Northcote Development project is a team effort. The key organisations involved are HLC and Housing New Zealand. Panuku Development Auckland will manage the upgrading of the town centre. The development project is being led by HLC, the people responsible for the very successful development of the new community at Hobsonville Point.

Homes in the Buckley neighbourhood

Homes in the Buckley neighbourhood


HLC is a 100% subsidiary of Housing New Zealand, governed by its own board of directors. HLC operates as an independent, commercial developer and was established to be the lead developer at Hobsonville Point, and to lead innovation in the development sector, particularly in the residential homes market.

Hobsonville Point is already home to more than 1500 residents. Around 600 new homes will be built this year, by far the fastest residential development project in New Zealand. Up to 5,000 new homes will be built by the time the development is completed. Twenty per cent of the development will be Axis Series homes. Community amenities include the Hobsonville Point Park and playground, cycleways, walking tracks, a Farmers Market, a new primary school and a new secondary school, and a commuter ferry service to downtown Auckland. The community’s visionary design and architecture has been recognised by numerous awards.

Housing New Zealand

Housing New Zealand Corporation is a Crown agent that provides state housing services for people in need. More than 185,000 people live in Housing New Zealand owned or managed houses or flats. Housing New Zealand works closely with others to ensure their tenants have access to good support services.