If you’ve only ever lived in an older house, you’ll find the quality of the new homes at the Northcote Development striking. Warm, welcoming and bright, these are places that are easy to love.

Here’s what Northcote locals love about their place

Built to last

New homes in the Northcote Development are all built to a 6 Homestar standard. Awarded by the Green Building Council, a 6 Homestar rating provides assurance that a house will be better quality - warmer, drier and cheaper to run - than a typical new house built to New Zealand’s building code. Northcote Development homes achieve this by orienting to the sun and using double glazing and high quality, durable materials. All this translates into a place that will look good and feel good to live in for many decades to come.

Built for modern lifestyles

The older homes that most Kiwis live in were built for a different time. New homes at Northcote Development are architecturally designed; with intelligent floor plans that maximise space and light, open plan living and an easy flow to outdoor areas. Their use of high quality, low maintenance materials mean you can spend your weekends enjoying everything the Northcote neighbourhood has to offer, instead of DIY-ing.

Built in a place you’ll love

A comfortable, quality home makes a big difference to our quality of life, but the neighbourhood that home is built in is perhaps even more important. Northcote is already blessed with beautiful beaches, green spaces and a vibrant community - and significant investment in its parks, walkways and town centre over the coming decade is set to make it even better. No wonder locals love this place.

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