A range of homes for a range of people

Housing typologies
Housing typologies

Diverse communities need a diverse range of housing options. That is why the Northcote Development is creating a range of homes designed for modern living, making sure that you can find a place that’s right for your family and your wallet.

So what’s the difference? Keep reading to find out a bit more about the types of homes planned for the Northcote area and the one which might be the best fit for you.

Taking up less land than a traditional house, terraces (also known as townhouses) make great use of space by going upward instead of outward, so you get more out of your budget. Plus, with separate areas across floors, townhouses are perfect for flatmates, young families or anyone who likes a little extra privacy.

Apartments give you low fuss, low maintenance living for the lowest price. Perfect for urban living, apartments are generally sited close to shops and transport routes due to their higher-density form. 

A duplex is one of two terraced houses that share an adjoining wall. They have all the advantages of a standalone home for a fraction of the price. Similar to a standalone terrace, they also allow for separation of private and shared living spaces across multiple floors.