Buying off the plan at Northcote

Fraser Avenue apartments are available to purchase off the plan
Fraser Avenue apartments are available to purchase off the plan

Most of the new homes in the Northcote Development will be sold off the plan. Buying off the plan has its advantages, one of the chief ones being that your payments are staggered throughout the construction process giving you more time to get your finances in order and to save.  

When buying off the plan, do your homework before you commit to a deposit, eg research the reputation of the developer and the quality of the construction methods and materials they use. It’s also important to make sure you fully understand the process so that you know what to expect while you wait for your home to be completed.

The first of the homes to be sold in the Northcote Development are in the Fraser Avenue neighbourhood. Take a look at the Plans and Prices section of the Fraser Avenue website to see if the apartments meet your budget, then visit NZ Living’s display suite (details below) and talk to them about your requirements. (You can also take a look at 340 Onehunga Mall or Mason Square in Otahuhu from the street if you’d like to see the quality of a completed development by NZ Living).

Here’s a few key questions to put to NZ Living when you visit their show home:

  • What exactly is included in the quoted price?

  • Would I have flexibility to change the interior?

  • Could I ‘up-spec’ the home?

  • When can I move in?

  • How much is the deposit?

  • What is the payment schedule?

  • What warranties come with the home?

  • What energy and water efficiency features does this home have?

  • What are the annual body corporate fees?

  • What term are they fixed for?

  • What percentage can they be raised by annually?

The Fraser Avenue display suite is at 38 Fraser Avenue. Open daily between 9am and 4pm.