Filling your new backyard with smiles

Te Ara Awataha’s Celebration Day
Te Ara Awataha’s Celebration Day

While it might have been April Fool’s Day around the world, we’re not joking when we say there were hundreds of smiles seen around Te Ara Awataha on April 1st. What an amazing day!

For everyone involved in this project, this was the essence of Te Ara Awataha - connection. Not only does the new greenway link the newly completed areas of Northcote, it also brings the community together to celebrate culture and community.

Throughout the day there were activities right across the area; basketball and lawn games at the parks; sausage sizzles, eateries and ice cream; and planting and ecology activities such as water testing to help the community understand what a wonderful living treasure this area is.

Along the way, visitors were able to learn more about the area’s history, the work that had been done to restore it, and what the future holds.

A huge thanks to everyone who came along, and to all those who helped make Te Ara Awataha’s Celebration Day so awesome.