Kāinga Ora’s ‘Choice to Return’ Policy

Choice to Return Policy
Choice to Return Policy

Kāinga Ora requires state housing tenants to relocate while we work to replace existing state housing stock with new warm, dry, healthy homes. Relocating can be disruptive and a common concern for our tenants is the prospect of moving to a new neighbourhood, away from their community, their schools and their work.

At the heart of everything we do are the people living in Northcote. That’s why Kāinga Ora implements a ‘Choice to Return’ policy for our state housing tenants. This means that if a tenant is relocated as part of our development work and would like to be rehoused in their current community, Kāinga Ora will try to make this happen.

What other factors does Kāinga Ora consider when rehousing tenants? 

Kāinga Ora works closely with state housing tenants to find a home suited to their needs and abilities. This includes taking into consideration mobility issues, proximity to local and tertiary education facilities, and access to jobs and medical services. 

What if Kāinga Ora can’t find a suitable home in the tenant’s community of choice?

If we cannot find a suitable home within the community straight away, Kāinga Ora relocates tenants into a temporary home while we continue our search. Tenants will receive progress updates from Kāinga Ora every six months until we find them a permanent home suited to their needs.

Do tenants get to accept or decline a property?

As with any rehousing initiative, tenants are given the chance to view and accept a property before committing to a permanent residency.

Who does the policy apply to?

The Choice to Return is open to all tenants rehoused due to redevelopment of their home. Tenants moved for other reasons, such as a house fire, historic moves for antisocial behaviour, or at their own request, are exempt.

Got questions?

If you are a Kāinga Ora tenant and you have questions relating to the development, please contact your Tenancy Liaison Officer. For general questions regarding your tenancy, contact Kāinga Ora customer service on 0800 801 601.