Nature gives learning a lift.

Te Ara Awataha Celebration Day
Te Ara Awataha Celebration Day

A new outdoor classroom has been set up along Te Ara Awataha, the green corridor that follows the path of the former Awataha Stream to the sea. With bleacher seating and shelter, it can accommodate about 30 students at a time.

Te Ara Awataha is an amazing green space for the community to use and an interesting environment for kids to learn in. And while it may not make maths and spelling any easier, it's the perfect place for students to gain an appreciation for the great outdoors, help improve concentration and boost creativity.

During the planning stage of the development, students from the local schools thought it’d be a great idea to make the newly daylighted stream a place that could teach. And so far, it has been a great success.

At the Te Ara Awataha Celebration Day, it wasn't just students who enjoyed the new outdoor classroom. People of all ages took full advantage of the sun and fresh air to take part in the fun events that were held there.