Te Ara Awataha – the result of a committed collaboration

Students at Te Ara Awataha
Students at Te Ara Awataha

Students from Northcote Intermediate had the chance to discover what it takes to breathe life into a nearly-forgotten, inner-city river when they visited Te Ara Awataha (Schools Edge) in November last year. They showcased the process of the awa's creation and highlighted the importance of community involvement in achieving sustainable public treasures.

Firstly, the Kāinga Ora Development Manager and Lead Alliance's Project Manager, guided the students through the various stages of the river’s revitalisation. The students gained valuable insights into the planning which included the awa’s incredible capacity to hold more water during flooding.

Kaipatiki Projects, a local environmental community group, then enlightened the students about the impact the awa has on the surrounding ecosystem. This included some of the sustainable practices implemented during construction as well as the ongoing efforts to maintain the area’s delicate ecological balance.  

The students were impressed that Cadness Loop Reserve was the result of a collaborative process between designers and past students from Northcote Intermediate. This fact emphasised the importance of community involvement in shaping shared spaces to foster a sense of pride and connection.

Inspired by their newfound connection to Te Ara Awataha, the attending Northcote Intermediate classes decided to implement a litter monitoring system in the area. This proactive step enhances the cleanliness of the amenity and will empower the students to take ownership and responsibility for their environment.