Temporary carpark closures: a small price to pay for Northcote’s green future

Temporary carpark closures
Temporary carpark closures

Northcote is growing and this growth requires solid planning, design and investment in local infrastructure and public amenities. With more people opting for apartment style living, comes an increased need for public green spaces and well connected community centres and services, like our Te Ara Awata greenway. 

Piritahi will commence civil engineering work in the Northcote Town Centre from late February 2021 through to June or July 2021. In order for this important work to be completed safely and efficiently 28 car parks will be temporarily closed for approximately four months. 

Work will involve digging and trenching on the eastern side of the Northcote Town Centre carpark next to the Onepoto Awhina and Norman King building. A traffic management plan will be in place to ensure the safety of workers, motorists and pedestrians. The open grass area, basketball court, and children’s playground on Cadness Reserve will stay open during the construction of the greenway and standard hours, 7:30 - 5:30 Monday to Friday, will be in place to minimise noise and  inconvenience 

The temporary closure of some carparks will help Northcote Development to progress upgrades to the local storm water network enabling the construction of the Te Ara Awata greenway, a key community amenity.

Changes will be made to the Awataha stream to prevent surface flooding and make it safer and easier for people to walk, cycle and play. The Te Ara Awata greenway will also connect the community to important destinations and public amenities such as schools, the town centre, public transport and recreation facilities. 

The Te Ara Awataha greenway is being delivered by Piritahi on behalf of Kāinga Ora, Panuku Development Auckland and Auckland  Council’s Healthy Waters. It is expected to be completed along the edge of the schools to the town centre in 2022.