The traditional standalone home on a large suburban section is what most Kiwis used to aspire to. Lifestyle cutbacks, punishing commute times from far-flung suburbs and shrinking disposable incomes...not so much. Thankfully, Auckland’s housing market is catching on. Smaller in size but by no means in quality, ‘right sized’ homes like terraces and apartments are cropping up in some of the city’s most vibrant suburbs, like Northcote.

Four reasons to choose a home that’s right for you, at Northcote

Only pay for what you’ll use

Big doesn’t always mean better. New homes at Northcote are ‘right sized’, meaning they’re designed with clever floor plans and features that make better use of space than a typical standalone home. So instead of servicing a mortgage on redundant square meterage, you only pay for what you’ll actually use - without compromising on quality, practicality or style.

Avoid a budget blowout

Repair work and renovations can turn a ‘bargain’ doer-upper into an expensive overreach - and fast. Opting for a new build all but eradicates hidden surprises. In addition, Northcote’s new homes far exceed the NZ building code for energy and water efficiency, built using quality materials that stand the test of time.

Scale it down, live it up

Nowadays, buying a big standalone house usually means trekking out to the far-flung burbs. But going smaller at Northcote means you can still live big. Auckland’s CBD is just a short trip over the bridge. Residents are spoilt for choice over the summer months, with easy access to popular shore-side beaches. Closer to home, local food gems at the Northcote town centre are a short stroll away.

Right for you, right now

Paying for a large home hardly makes sense when you’re just starting out, and your first home isn’t likely to be your last. Rather than starting with a big standalone home with a huge mortgage to match, choose something that’s right for you, right now. Plus, if you’re an eligible first home buyer, you’ll save even more if you buy a KiwiBuild home. Visit the KiwiBuild website for more.

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