Northcote’s greenway – working title ‘the Awataha Greenway Project’ – is a key piece of amenity that the community has been closely involved in creating for over a decade.

The community first discussed a greenway project over a decade ago. Many Northcote locals have helped to move the project forward and to influence the design of the greenway.

What is a greenway?

A greenway is a green ‘corridor’ designed to make it easy and pleasant for people to move around part of a neighbourhood or city. When complete the greenway will link several of Northcote’s parks and neighbourhoods to each other and the town centre.

Northcote’s new greenway follows the path of the former Awataha Stream to the sea. The greenway forms a network of parks, public spaces and quiet streets that provide a safe and healthy environment for people, plants and wildlife. Some greenways, including this one, provide for the movement and cleaning of water as well.

To find out more about the greenway, including how you can get involved, visit the Northcote Information centre.

Greenway Masterplan

Where are we at with this project?

We’re currently designing the greenway. The design work is at its most advanced for the Schools’ Edge part of the greenway and the Greenslade Reserve and Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve improvements. These three areas will be built/upgraded first.

Who is involved?

Panuku Development Auckland and Kāinga Ora has been working with the Northcote Greenway Community Reference Group, the Mana Whenua Kaitiaki Project Working Group, the Kaipātiki Local Board and the three schools in the development area: Onepoto Primary, Northcote Intermediate and Northcote College.

Northcote’s new greenway, Te Ara Awataha, connects the community via a network of parks, shared cycling and walking paths, and wildlife. It follows the path of the former Awataha Stream, which is being restored and daylighted for everyone to enjoy. Hundreds of new trees will be planted throughout the greenway, creating a healthy, natural environment for Northcote residents and visitors alike.

The name of the new greenway refers to the historic Awataha Stream that used to run through Northcote, but had been buried and forgotten for years. Restoring the stream so that it can be seen and heard has become a key part of creating a healthy community and environment. Including local groups and schools in the development process help to create a sense of ownership and guardianship of the greenway now and into the future.

The Northcote community has played a leading role in the development process, helping to design a greenway that serves as a shared backyard for all. By working closely with community groups, stakeholders and individuals, we’ve found that people are generally very supportive and excited about the idea of warm, dry homes, a fresh town centre, revamped schools, and a regenerated greenway.

Mana whenua, local schools, and community groups in Northcote have been integral to the development of Te Ara Awataha. Their input led to the creation of three key strands (aho) that underpin the vision for the greenway - people, environment, and community ownership. Weaving these strands together will ensure the project contributes to restoring the health of the local environment and community.

5 greenway highlights

  1. A walkway to link home, school, the town centre, bus stops and parks.
  2. Green and pleasant places to meet others, play or sit and relax.
  3. A newly renovated Greenslade Reserve and a better, less flood-prone sports ground. 
  4. An outdoor classroom near Onepoto Primary and Northcote Intermediate. 
  5. The ‘daylighting’ of Awataha Stream – bringing it above ground and restoring its mauri (life essence). 

The Awataha greenway project

Download the brochure to find out more about the project and how you can get involved.

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