23 Aug 2021
What’s happening with Te Ara Awataha Greenway?
Let’s explore the living green corridor that links homes, schools, parks and reserves. Welcome to Te…
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04 Jun 2021
Tonar Street pipeline helps New Zealand’s longfin eel population to climb
Who knew that baby eels could climb?
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26 Nov 2020
Te Ara Awataha 2020 update
Progress on Te Ara Awataha – a greenway for Northcote – has been good this year, despite the disrupt…
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The Awataha Greenway Project
The Awataha Greenway Project is a significant part of the broader Northcote Development Project. Com…
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Panuku releases benchmark masterplan for the town centre
Panuku Development Auckland has released a benchmark masterplan for the new Northcote town centre. T…
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Northcote Development
Find out why Northcote has been chosen for development and what is planned for the community
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