Northcote marks momentous milestone

Northcote Development
Northcote Development

When you hear about its three new parks and two greenspaces, nearly 28,000 plants and more than 440 trees, you may think we’re describing a garden reserve.

Or with its 14,771 square metres of new roads, maybe it’s a new racetrack?

Not quite. Instead, these are just some of the achievements delivered over the past five years under Northcote Development – where we’ve reached a major milestone with completion of extensive civil infrastructure and construction work.

“All of the work we’ve done here so far now means we can focus on providing around 1,700 new homes for the community,” says Claire Laybourne, Senior Development Manager.

“Of course, we actually started building new homes a few years ago, so we’re already well advanced. But all this infrastructure work means we can really get on with building the new homes this community needs.”

With more than 6,600 metres of new stormwater pipes, 2,800 metres of wastewater pipes and nearly 5,150 metres of water mains, the neighbourhood is well prepared for the 1,700 homes included in Northcote Development – but also hundreds more as part of the Eke Panuku town centre development, and beyond that.

“By taking this step to develop and invest in Northcote, the door has been opened to private developers too,” says Claire.

And all of that was made possible thanks to strong partnerships across the neighbourhood.

“Kāinga Ora and our civil construction partner LEAD Alliance have worked alongside mana whenua, Auckland Council and its various teams, Chorus and Vector, and with businesses, community groups and residents to deliver for Northcote,” says Claire.

As well as paving the way for new homes, those partnerships have also created spaces for residents to gather and enjoy, including the award-winning Te Ara Awataha greenway/Ngutu Kōtare  and Te Kaitaka/Greenslade Reserve.

“There is a very, very long list of people who have made all of this happen for Northcote.”

Northcote – by the numbers

To date, around 317 older houses have been removed or relocated in Northcote, making room for around 1,700 new social, market and affordable homes of different sizes and types to be delivered. 

Social homes: 309 delivered to date, with a further 171 under construction.

Market homes: 141 delivered to date, with a further 170 in construction and over 350 more planned for future stages.

Affordable homes: 177 delivered to date, with a further 139 under construction and over 200 more planned for future stages.

  • $150 million in new and upgraded infrastructure
  • 14,771m2 of new roads
  • 14,749m2 of new footpaths
  • 6,620m stormwater pipes
  • 2,840m wastewater pipes
  • 5,149m watermain pipes
  • 12,204m new utility lines undergrounded
  • 41 power poles removed
  • 71 new streetlights
  • 3 new parks
  • 2 new greenspaces
  • 440 trees planted
  • 27,944 new plants planted