Te Ara Awataha 2020 update

Te Ara Awataha 2020 update
Te Ara Awataha 2020 update

Progress on Te Ara Awataha – a greenway for Northcote – has been good this year, despite the disruptions brought by COVID-19. Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve achieved.

February 2020
Construction started on Greenslade Reserve to transform the reserve into a new public space with a high-performance sports field, an improved stormwater network, an urban wetland, and recreation facilities (including terraced seating, a BBQ area and a new walkway).

May 2020
Ministry of Education land at 31 Fraser Avenue and 145-157 Lake Road was acquired, for the ‘schools’ edge’ portion of the greenway.

September 2020
Stage two works on Greenslade Reserve kicked off to lower the existing sports field and replace underground stormwater pipes. The aim is to reduce the risk of flooding in and around the town centre. Construction of the wetland, to restore natural ecosystems and connect the community to nature, is almost finished. 

October 2020
Construction started on the ‘schools’ edge’, the section of Te Ara Awataha that runs alongside Northcote Intermediate School and Onepoto Primary School. This will feature an outdoor classroom for both schools. It’s expected to be completed in late 2021.

Ongoing progress

  • Work continued on the restoration of Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve, the source of the Awataha Stream.
  • Community-led restoration days started again, following the first nationwide lockdown. In July over 200 plants were put into the ground.
  • Te Ara Awataha project teams continued work with mana whenua and their artists to weave cultural design and narratives into the greenway project.
  • A signage and wayfinding strategy got underway to ensure a coordinated and integrated approach to signage across Te Ara Awataha.
  • Environmental teams are exploring ways to reduce waste in the greenway’s design and construction.