Employment Opportunities with Construction Plus

Are you or your whānau looking for employment? Have you been involved in training or work experience within construction or a similar industry?

Construction Plus is a Kāinga Ora community and economic development programme that connects local communities impacted by development to sustainable education, training, employment and industry opportunities.

Construction Plus can navigate akonga (learner) into training and employment opportunities and provide continued support once they are there. The programme utilises a variety of tools to determine an individual’s motivation, their social and economic wellbeing, and their employability and work readiness. A pathway plan into employment is then created, which is supported and monitored by a coach.

Construction Plus can provide support and connection for employment positions that become available within our developments.

For further details, get in contact with Kāinga Ora Construction Plus Programme Manager, Nigel Chandra at nigel.chandra@kaingaora.govt.nz